We are still waiting next seasons of Doctor Who and Episodes

Two binge-worthy series continuation that everyone wait this spring:

Season ten of Doctor Who

If there are cult series, the British Doctor Who season 10 is one of them. This is the longest project in the history of sci-fi series. Both the protagonist, and many minor characters got in the mass culture of the West forever. The project has a large army of fans. Critics point out the imagery of its scenes, special effects originality and innovative use of music. Doctor Who season 10 is a visitor from the distant cosmos with great wit and eccentric behavior.
In its old space ship, called the TARDIS externally similar to the British police box of the second half of the twentieth century, he dissects the universe. His main mission is to fight against evil and injustice. But often he takes these intergalactic travels just to enjoy the open space. We hope that Doctor Who season 10 release date will be announced soon.

Episodes with Matt LeBlanc

Episodes season 5 is an extremely acute series. Each season on the television of the United States there are launched a lot of projects which are based on the numerous successful British TV projects/ in this case we will be shown the kitchen, where from the English pudding one tries to make an American apple pie. This looks quite funny from the side. In this series the major characters will find out that Hollywood reality is the same dazzling and false as the appropriate smile.
It is not going about the art in the factory of dream and everything is ruled by the Golden Calf. Episodes season 5 turns out to be a monster that has been created on the basis of the intelligent series with good sense of humor.

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