Upcoming TV series 2016 to download


For tv show fans we have made a list of series that are worth watching in 2016 year.  Most of them have already aired and are available for download. Click here to download the series and enjoy watching them without interruptions and ADS! We will update this page with new websites with direct download links and new shows to watch!

Dead of Summer is a TV series which tells the story of the end of 1980s. The major location of the series is a summer camp called “Clearwater”.Dead of Summer tv series
School season has successfully ended and there are hot summer months before. Therefore, a lot of young hearts strive to go to the camp, which seems an ideal place in the Midwest, where you can find both adventure and love. However, those who are having rest are going to face great amount of murders. As a result, people are forced to get acquainted with the grim, hard-hitting part of the seemingly peace camps and simple entertainment turns into the everlasting horror.


Houdini and Doyle is a mystical novelty which tells the story of a friendship between two famous luminaries in their field who encounter a succession of adventures and mysteries.Houdini and Doyle series
Illusionist and a detective are involved in unraveling the mysterious incidents, motives and clues of which are hidden safely in the British fog. After joining for such cooperation, the two authorities still differ much from each other: Arthur is an active fan of Spiritualism, while Harry appears his opposite, radically rejecting any mystical speculation.


Channel Zero is a TV series the plot of which is based on story “The Candle Bay” of Chris Straub – known collector of frightening stories.

Suffering intrusive memories the main character tells with horror the story of one of the most mysterious of children’s programs at the time. Its mystery was in unexplained death, which occurred immediately after the release of the next TV program. However, what was it really a coincidence or a deadly pattern? What will come first, the death or the solution? The answers to these questions, you will receive as the release of the episodes of the sci-fi series. Max Landis and Nick Antosk are experts in their field, so we can only wait for the next good show that is sure to find its audience.

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