The Virgin Queen – a historical drama

The Virgin Queen is a historical drama created by order of the BBC TV channel which tells about the personal life of Queen Elizabeth I, in particular, her relationships with the English statesman Robert Dudley.
While being a young princess, Elizabeth has been constantly subjected to harassment by the half-sister Bloody Mary who received her nickname for the bloody massacre of Protestants. Once Maria accuses her of conspiring against her and sends to the Tower and after all holds in exile under close supervision. Soon, the situation totally changes. Maria dies and legitimate heir Elizabeth ascends the throne.

All the English people are very happy about this event, and the new queen removes all the supporters of her sister and forms her own new government. It includes the Queen’s cousin – the Duke of Norfolk and her childhood friend Robert Dudley in whom Elizabeth is secretly in love. The question is whether she will be able to find happiness, because she is surrounded by too many envious people and traitors who are constantly weaving a plot around the royal person.

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