When we can expect final season of Z Nation and Reign

The plot of the fantastic TV series Z Nation revolves around not that new theme of the zombie apocalypse. The action takes place several years after the terrible virus that turns people into bloodthirsty zombies has struck every corner of the United States. However, people still have a small, but hope in the face of the only known survivor, whose immunity has been able to withstand the plague that took millions of human lives. On the shoulders of the protagonists, who all this time were trying to survive, now nave a very responsible task to go a very long way for more than five thousand kilometers to bring this person from New York to California, where the last workable viral laboratory capable of creating a vaccine is located.

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Some expectation from next season of Reign

Reign TV series
In the Middle Ages, it was fashionable to give the daughter of a prince of another country, thereby strengthening the relations between states. This is what happens in the series Reign season 4. It is for this reason that there has been held the marriage between Princess Mary Stuart of Scotland and the Royal House of Prince Stuart French. Related relationships are the strongest and must have a positive impact on national policies. Prince does not want to give his heart to a selected second half. Instead of Mary Stuart, he would gladly have played a wedding with a sweet girl who loves with all his heart. We think that this season is the best in whole show. We hope that you like and we will make reign season 3 download to have it at collection of favorite shows.
At fourth season you will find that prince sees the marriage as a tradition and necessary template. Mary, according to the contract between her father and the ruler Henry, makes her way to the native land of her fiancé.

Some explanation of final ending of current season:


We are still waiting next seasons of Doctor Who and Episodes

Two binge-worthy series continuation that everyone wait this spring:

Season ten of Doctor Who

If there are cult series, the British Doctor Who season 10 is one of them. This is the longest project in the history of sci-fi series. Both the protagonist, and many minor characters got in the mass culture of the West forever. The project has a large army of fans. Critics point out the imagery of its scenes, special effects originality and innovative use of music. Doctor Who season 10 is a visitor from the distant cosmos with great wit and eccentric behavior.
In its old space ship, called the TARDIS externally similar to the British police box of the second half of the twentieth century, he dissects the universe. His main mission is to fight against evil and injustice. But often he takes these intergalactic travels just to enjoy the open space. We hope that Doctor Who season 10 release date will be announced soon.

Episodes with Matt LeBlanc

Episodes season 5 is an extremely acute series. Each season on the television of the United States there are launched a lot of projects which are based on the numerous successful British TV projects/ in this case we will be shown the kitchen, where from the English pudding one tries to make an American apple pie. This looks quite funny from the side. In this series the major characters will find out that Hollywood reality is the same dazzling and false as the appropriate smile.
It is not going about the art in the factory of dream and everything is ruled by the Golden Calf. Episodes season 5 turns out to be a monster that has been created on the basis of the intelligent series with good sense of humor.


Upcoming TV series 2016 to download


For tv show fans we have made a list of series that are worth watching in 2016 year.  Most of them have already aired and are available for download. Click here to download the series and enjoy watching them without interruptions and ADS! We will update this page with new websites with direct download links and new shows to watch!

Dead of Summer is a TV series which tells the story of the end of 1980s. The major location of the series is a summer camp called “Clearwater”.Dead of Summer tv series
School season has successfully ended and there are hot summer months before. Therefore, a lot of young hearts strive to go to the camp, which seems an ideal place in the Midwest, where you can find both adventure and love. However, those who are having rest are going to face great amount of murders. As a result, people are forced to get acquainted with the grim, hard-hitting part of the seemingly peace camps and simple entertainment turns into the everlasting horror.


Houdini and Doyle is a mystical novelty which tells the story of a friendship between two famous luminaries in their field who encounter a succession of adventures and mysteries.Houdini and Doyle series
Illusionist and a detective are involved in unraveling the mysterious incidents, motives and clues of which are hidden safely in the British fog. After joining for such cooperation, the two authorities still differ much from each other: Arthur is an active fan of Spiritualism, while Harry appears his opposite, radically rejecting any mystical speculation.


Channel Zero is a TV series the plot of which is based on story “The Candle Bay” of Chris Straub – known collector of frightening stories.

Suffering intrusive memories the main character tells with horror the story of one of the most mysterious of children’s programs at the time. Its mystery was in unexplained death, which occurred immediately after the release of the next TV program. However, what was it really a coincidence or a deadly pattern? What will come first, the death or the solution? The answers to these questions, you will receive as the release of the episodes of the sci-fi series. Max Landis and Nick Antosk are experts in their field, so we can only wait for the next good show that is sure to find its audience.


Chesapeake Shores season 1

Chesapeake Shores is a new TV show with one of the central characters the architect Mick.Chesapeake Shores

Long time ago, he had the idea to establish a settlement on the shores of the Gulf, which had belonged to his old family. While being totally immersed in the work, Mick has not saved his family and completely fell out with his brothers. After his wife has left him, he left five children to himself, sending them to his mother for upbringing. Over the years, when the children have grown up, they are gradually returning to their hometown to their father to know him closer, to meet with mother, which they almost did not know, and if it is possible to gain a well-deserved family.


Dice by Showtime

The series Dice will appear on the TV screens in the coming 2016. The plot is based on the life and performances of the stand-up comedian.

The action will take place in Las Vegas, where the main character Andrew DaysKley tries to regain the lost glory. During the twists and turns of the happening events, he will solve the problems with his ex-wife. Conflicts with the former greatly influence the financial position. In addition to these problems there are many other prolbes over Andrew, because he is trying to support a group of his son and the mother-in-law, and even a girlfriend. In these conditions it is very difficult to resurrect the career. Will the stand-up comedian Andrew again get fame and solve all his personal problems? Scot Armstrong made great efforts to create this masterpiece. The plot is full of intrigues and unexpected turns of events.


Game of Silence TV series

The new drama series “Game of Silence” show the viewer how at one point the past could destroy the present and the future, about how because of follies committed in the youth successful career and relationships with a loved one may be destroyed.

Game of Silence

The series will focus on a successful and popular lawyer named Jackson Brooks. His career is about to go up and he has fully idyll relations with the other half. It seems to be nothing portends trouble, but on its doorstep there are friends, bond with which he has not maintained for more than 20 years. Their story keeps some secrets, the disclosure of which would lead to the complete destruction of the existing life of the protagonist. They offer him a way out. Would Jackson agree? No matter his decision, the outcome would be unpleasant in any case. This incredibly interesting film work, you can already see on the television screens.


The Virgin Queen – a historical drama

The Virgin Queen is a historical drama created by order of the BBC TV channel which tells about the personal life of Queen Elizabeth I, in particular, her relationships with the English statesman Robert Dudley.
While being a young princess, Elizabeth has been constantly subjected to harassment by the half-sister Bloody Mary who received her nickname for the bloody massacre of Protestants. Once Maria accuses her of conspiring against her and sends to the Tower and after all holds in exile under close supervision. Soon, the situation totally changes. Maria dies and legitimate heir Elizabeth ascends the throne.

All the English people are very happy about this event, and the new queen removes all the supporters of her sister and forms her own new government. It includes the Queen’s cousin – the Duke of Norfolk and her childhood friend Robert Dudley in whom Elizabeth is secretly in love. The question is whether she will be able to find happiness, because she is surrounded by too many envious people and traitors who are constantly weaving a plot around the royal person.